Temple Hair Ties

Temple Hair Ties

One of the young women counselors saw this cute idea for Temple Hair Ties on a Facebook group and asked me to help her put them together.  They turned out fantastically!

You will need scissors, Fold Over Elastic — I got mine at Amazon, some cardstock — I got this at WalMart, and my printable — available below.  The cards measure just over 2.75 inches wide and 4 inches tall.  They are sized to make 9 inch hair ties

You can download the JPG version of the printable by clicking above, or get the PDF at the bottom of the page.  You will get 8 handouts per sheet.  Be sure that you DO NOT have your printer set to scale to printable area for these files.

Here’s what the printable looks like when you print it out.

Cut the elastic to 9 inch lengths.  You can make 20 cards (40 temple hair bands) out of one 10 yard section of fold over elastic.  Just tie a knot in the end of the elastic to make the hair bands.  This is an activity that your Beehives could do easily.

I think that the water color paper turned out really nicely.

Temple Hair Ties

These cards have the DC temple on them because that’s my temple!  We hope this will serve as a reminder for our young women to prepare for the day that the DC temple opens again.


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  1. whitney

    can you tell me the width of the elastic you used?

    1. Jennifer Smith (Post author)

      The Foldover elastic was 5/8 inch wide.


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