Temple Dress - White Hanky Card

Three White Dresses Hanky Gift
Three White Dresses Hanky Gift

This white dress card is for giving a handkerchief to someone who is preparing to attend the temple for the first time. It has a poem on the back that reads: Tuck this white handkerchief away, Then take it out to be used on a very special day, When you go to the temple to make covenants And receive your own Temple Endowment.

Here are the instructions

Step 1 - Sign the card benath the poem, and then fold along the dotted line between the dress bodices as shown below:

Temple Dress Hanky Instructions

Step 2 - Cut out the dress bodices. STOP at the top of the poem box. See below: Temple Dress Hankerchief Instructions

Step 3 - Unfold the dress and cut out the poem box, neckline, bottom of the front bodice, and slits for the hanky.

Step 4 - Insert a corner of the hanky underneath the v-slit. Flip the card over and tuck it through the horizontal slit. Sew or staple it to the remaining cardstock. See below: Temple Dress Hanky Instructions

Step 5 - Fold the sides of the dresses together and fasten with tape or glue. Temple Dress Hanky Instructions

Back Temple Dress Hanky Instructions


I didn't put a poem about a wedding on the back of this card, choosing instead a more generic poem. Many of our Young Women will not be receiving their endowment with their fiancees for many reasons, including a mission, so I thought the generic poem was better. And please don't go emailing me about the short sleeves on the dress -- yes, I know that arms must be covered for the Endowment -- but the card was just too flimsy when made with long sleeves. The short sleeves could serve as a lead-in to talk about what the requirements are for dresses worn in conjunction with the performance of temple ordinances. Click for more information on Planning a Temple Wedding/Sealing.

This card would make a great Christmas, Standards Night, or Temple Prep class gift.

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