Temple Box Activity

Glue the image to heavier paper.

Cut out the temple on the solid lines, fold on the dotted lines, and glue the tabs to the inside of the walls to form a box. (The temple should be at the front of the box.)

Cut out the My Gospel Standards cards, and place them inside the temple box.

Choose a gospel standard from the box, read it, and decide what you can do to live the standard. In family home evening, share how living this standard can prepare you to enter the temple someday.

Source: Linda Christensen, “I’ll Prepare Myself While I Am Young,” Friend, Jun 2008, 16–18
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lana's picture

hi, Jenny, I downloaded


I downloaded Temple Box Activity image but it is very short, I am from venezuela, and I need to translate it into Spanish, but I cannot read any words.
I wonder if you have any PDF file of it.

please let me know, it is a great activity for our venezuelan relief society
thanks for all your help! =)

Jenny Smith's picture

I don't have this file as a

I don't have this file as a PDF because it came from the Friend magazine, lana. In order to read the text on this file, you should download it and then view it on your computer full screen. Download the file by right-clicking it from the thickbox popup window and saving it to your computer. Then open the image and you will be able to zoom in and read the text.

If you send me the Spanish translation, I can alter the JPG version and make a Spanish version, too.