Sunbeam Class Introduction Gift

Brindy A. shared these cute magnets. She says, “These are magnets I made for my sunbeams at the first of the year for ‘Meet Your Teacher’ day. These can be used for birthdays or whatever. I have pink for girls and blue for boys. I used the clear flat rocks (found at craft stores). I put the rocks on top of the picture, traced it with a pencil and then cut it out. I then got E6000 clear craft adhesive (also found at a craft store) to glue to it. After they were dry I glued a magnet on the back. In my little note to attach to the small gift box I said “Welcome to Sunbeams! We are SO excited that you are in our primary class. We are going to have a lot of fun this coming year! Use this little magnet to hang up your cute little pictures each week — it will remind you of the things we talked about on Sunday”. I thought they turned out cute and the kids loved them!”

This sounds like a fun idea for introducing nursery children to Sunbeams! Thanks!

6 magnets per image, color.

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