Up Skit for New Beginnings by Catherine W

Catherine W shared this great idea for New Beginnings!

“This is a skit for New Beginnings that uses the Disney movie “UP” as a motif. The skit explains the Young Women’s program and shows how each of the YW values correlate with phrases from the “Press Forward” 2016 youth theme: 2 Nephi 31:20.

“The skit is set in a “Wilderness Explorer” meeting, so most of the YW would wear simple ‘uniforms’ consisting of baseball hats, neckerchiefs, and sashes with paper badges. Two of the three main speaking parts would involve simple costumes like those Russell and Mr. Fredrickson wear in the movie. There are also over a dozen smaller parts, including opportunities for each Young Women to briefly share what she likes about the Young Women’s program or to personalize certain sections. The skit includes fairly simple props– the most important being 16 helium balloons in the 8 value colors. These balloons can do double-duty as the decorations for the evening (we’re planning to attach them to a small birdhouse painted to look like Mr. Fredrickson’s home in the movie). The skit ends as a gift bag labeled “Eternal Life” is lifted “UP” by helium balloons labeled with the YW values and phrases from 2 Nephi 31:20.”


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