Seminary Sign in Sheet

This is a form based on the one that my friend uses in her Seminary class. She puts a table by the door of her classroom where students sign in each day. The table has a sign in sheet, pen, and clock on it. The sign in sheet is a narrow lined sheet with a box for the student’s name, time of arrival, and a check box for if they read their scriptures. When it’s time for class to begin, my friend marks the sheet with a wavy line to indicate that students who arrive after class begins are tardy. She says this method holds students accountable for their attendance, reading, and tardiness and helps her keep records easily. I like this idea and made a similar sheet, with one exception. I didn’t put a check box for whether they read their scriptures or not — I used a Yes / No. I would like students to actually respond “no” when they haven’t read, for further accountability.


Here’s my new Seminary Roll/Sign in Form. I changed the arrival time to be Tardy Yes or No, since I don’t really care what time they came, only if they are tardy or not. I also added a section that tells the students what to pick up in the morning from their cubbies — it helps if they have the correct materials before class begins, and they don’t have to carry around things they don’t need. I listed the kid’s names in the order they appear in my Seminary Reading Spreadsheet so that it made recording their information easier. 7-6-12


This year I’ve added an absences column because it’s very difficult for me to keep track of all 24 students’ attendance.  With a smaller class, I could remember, but with the bigger class: forgettaboutit.  Also, I changed the name order on my sheet to match the entries in WISE, which means last name first.  I’m hoping the new additions will make entering data into WISE easier.  I’m also requring students to write YES or NO instead of Y or N.  You’d be surprised how many kids’ Ns look like Ys.  It’s crazy. 

Also, it’s not clear above, but on my sheets, I type in the names of students.  It goes MUCH faster for me to have all the names in order, either sorted by first or last name, so that I can enter information into WISE faster or into my own custom spreadsheets. If you have kids fill in their own names, you’ll waste time hunting for names from the list. Typing them in makes it super easy for you to scan across and check reading or tardies. 10-2013

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