Secret Combo Meal

Submitted by Trudy:

Activity description:

A Secret Combo Meal Activity with planning sheet and menu. We used these for an activity that had an 80’s theme, hence the 80’s reference on some of the foods code names. Every item on the menu is in secret code so you may end up eating your meal with a toothpick!

There is also a planning sheet to help you organize this activity.

(For those of you unfamiliar with these games, basically you make a menu with fake names standing for odd dinner items. Like “Bill’s Brown Roundies” might be meatballs or donuts, etc. Kids choose from the menu items and make up a surprise dinner based on their selections. Same thing is done with utensils. “Happiness” might be a spoon. A fun activity. – Jenny)

See also the similar Incredible Unidentifiable Edibles activity description here.

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