Scripture People Characterization Study

I will use this handout to help my Seminary students recognize characteristics of people they encounter in their study. The document is geared to help students recognize problem-solving techniques used by the character, the results, how Jesus or Heavenly Father acted in the person’s life, and how lessons learned might help students in the future.

Character Study



Spouse/ Children:




Describe this person using only three words. Circle the word you feel is this person’s core quality:

________________ , ________________ , ________________

Briefly describe the character’s attitude toward:

Him/Herself _______________________________________________

Family ____________________________________________________

God ______________________________________________________


What problem(s) has this character experienced?

Describe an event from the life of this person that is meaningful to you:

How does/might this person react when under temptation or stress?

How did/might this person solve their problem?

What did Heavenly Father/Jesus do to/for this person?

Wise people learn from their own choices; super-wise people learn from the choices of others. What can you learn from this person’s choices (good or bad)?

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