Relief SOLE-ciety Skit

This humorous skit has been performed in units all over the Salt Lake Valley in recent years. According to this skit was written by Laurel Hart and was orginially presented at a Stake Visiting Teaching Workshop, in Provo, UT, USA, 1984. This skit is sometimes also called the Shoe Skit because it has so many shoe-related puns in it.

SCENE: The Relief Sole-Ciety Shoe Store. A sign bearing the name sits on the desk. A back drop of shelves of shoeboxes is behind the desk. The Relief Sole-Ciety Prez is seated at the desk. Sister Blister limps in, with a “Barefoot” poster hung on her front.

This script has 14 speaking parts. Only two speaking parts are long, though. (Inviting lots of people to participate is a good way to improve attendance at notoriously empty VT Workshops.) Characters are the Relief Society President, Sister Blister, 2 Loafers, 2 Flip-Flops, 2 Sneakers (that’s Trainers for those of you outside the US), 2 Slippers, 2 Boots, and 2 High Heels.

No costumes are needed, but the people playing each role should be wearing the appropriate shoe. Invitations and posters will be shoes, shoes, shoes! You can do sayings like “Buckle Down to Visiting Teaching” or “Let us Spur you On” or “Is your SOLE hurting? Don’t Flip-flop — come to our Relief “Sole”-ciety Visiting Teaching Workshop”.

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