Relief Society Bingo

This game was submitted by Kristy T. She says:

I facilitate a lot of meetings at work, so I’ve leveraged some fun icebreakers in different church settings with great results. I made this as an icebreaker for our RS Birthday Dinner, and the sisters really loved it. In fact, they didn’t want to stop playing after we had our first winner, so we allowed two additional bingo winners and one “black out” winner.

The way it works is you pass out one to every sister. It’s a great thing to do at the beginning while you’re waiting for everyone to arrive – it gets people mingling.

The rules are:

1. You find someone who meets the criteria of a square on your Bingo card and have them sign their name on your card.

2. You can only use a person once on your card.

You might want to make it fun by offering small prizes for the winners.

I created it in Powerpoint, so that people can edit it.

*** Jenny says: You can edit a PowerPoint file by downloading following the Open Office link at the top of this page, and downloading or installing OpenOffice for free. ****

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