Receiving Revelation

I used this handout to teach the principle of Receiving Revelation to my adult gospel study class.

It covers basically D&C 8-9 and 11-16, according to the new Seminary manual.  There’s an emphasis on understanding with both the mind and heart, and includes the following quotes/ideas:

“Communication through the spirit is not a passive or routine thing. but requires study, effort, and the formulation of possible resolutions. These can then be taken before the Lord for His confirmation (’your bosom shall burn’) or decline (’a stupor of thought’)…. The burning within our bosom is the feeling that [something] is right — not some extravagant physical manifestation, but rather a feeling of peace and comfort.”Unlocking the D&C by Pinegar and Allen

F – Feelings
E – Experiences
E – Evidences/Experts
L – Logic
John Bytheway

Experts is my word because I think it deserves emphasis that other’s testimonies serve as evidence.

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