“Purse”-onal Progress Invitation / Purse Card

This card is for use with the “P” parties or “Purse”onal progress party ideas, but you could use the pattern for wedding showers, Enrichment, and other types of girls-only events.

I especially like the purse-weighing ice breaker gam

e (Place a scale in the middle of the room then weigh each person’s purse.) or purse treasure hunt (Have everyone put their purses on their laps. Yell out an item and the first person who finds it in her purse gets a prize. Start out with easy things and make them crazier as you go on. For example, start with something like a driver’s license and finish with something like hand lotion or baby items.)

You could also make the Juice Pouch Purse as an activity.

Here are the instructions

Step 1 – Print the card on paper. Scrapbook paper is fine or you could use cardstock.

Step 2 – Cut out the purse. On each pattern is a shape you can cut out to make a flap.

Step 4 – Accordian fold the strips at the bottom of the card to give it dimension.

Step 5 – Embellish. I used a pillow bead for the clasp on the striped purse and a button for the clasp on the polka-dot purse. The straps are just 1/4 inch strips of paper glued to the back of the purse. On the polka-dot purse I shrank the YW torch down to 1 inch and printed it on vellum that I glued behind a 1 1/2 inch hole in the center of the purse. I printed a 1 1/4 inch torch on vellum and cut it into a (rough) oval for the striped purse.

Step 6 – Print out and assemble the matching envelope, if desired. (Not recommended if you’re using lots of 3-dimensional things.)

Here’s what it looks like finished:

[img_assist|nid=17079|title=”Purse”onal Progress Invite|desc=|link=node|align=center|width=200|height=145]

You can glue the text of your invitation inside your purse like this sample

[img_assist|nid=17080|title=”Purse”onal Progress Invite INSIDE|desc=|link=node|align=center|width=200|height=145]

or you can simply insert a loose card inside.

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