Primary Picture List – Primary 5 (Doctrine and Covenants)

This is another user submitted file. At the end of this picture list is a list of lessons and all of the names and other items of interest mentioned in each lesson. The submitter says her class were not auditory learners and did much better in the class if she brought in pictures of the people she talked about and animals the pioneers saw on their journey.

She says:

    I spent weeks (I’m still not done) getting pictures from books, Internet magazines scanning and making picture boards I can reuse. I have used them in other classes as well. I laminated them as well (I am the laminating queen — it helps I have my own professional laminating machine (the kind you find at schools).

    If anyone wants to go though and find pictures of the people let them know to include documentation where the picture and information was found. I also included little blurbs about the people (born death, ex-communication etc.) It was great for a sharing time. The kids thought I knew everything!!!

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