Primary 1, Lesson 29 A: I can say I’m Sorry

This series of handouts was submitted by Amber K, who says:

“I put the extra story in a letter sized envelope and safety pin them to the back of the childrens’ clothing so that Mom & Dad actually get a chance to see what they are doing in primary. This also gives them a small jump-start on a FHE lesson at some later date.”

* 29A: the graphics that tell the story (DOUBLE sided story w/ graphics)
* 29B: the story for Mom & Dad to go over again later
* 29C: Sorry Medallions – Punch out little black holes and string with yarn to make medallions for the children

This would make a great FHE lesson!

Click on sunbeam to see the whole series.

The clipart images are copyright 2006, Intellectual Reserve. Used with permission.

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