This black and white image, Cubs Pocket, was donated by the artist, Chris Gunn. Click to read more about Chris.

Pocket – A unique Idea is our Boy Scout of America pocket. Photocopy pocket allowing sufficient space either at the top or left side to create an actual pocket. After folding, trim to the pocket shape. Pocket flap should be photocopied as is or allowing 2-1 /2 inches more to create a pull out pocket flap insert. Cut out and fold flap at indicated marks. Open the pocket flat and with an exacto knife or blade, cut solid line under the words Boy Scouts of America. This enables the pocket flap to be inserted creating an authentic looking pocket. Pocket is now ready to be assembled. Using a toothpick, apply a small amount of glue around inside edge of pocket and fasten shut. Pocket flap can now be inserted. Short pocket flap should be secured to prevent shifting or falling out. Information can either be written under the flap, on a note placed inside the pocket or on the long pull-out flap.

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