Pebbles and Gems

This handout was created by Sister B to accompany the IMportantce of Work lesson. It reads: “Remember. . . the more pebbles you pick up throughout your life, gems you will have at the end!”

She says, “I printed this on light colored cardstock and hot glued a small pebble and a small gem (I used some chisel cut colored beads) on the card as a visual reminder of the story.”

The accompanying story from the lesson goes like this:

    A traveler once approached a stream that lay in his pathway. A stranger appeared and told him that if he would pick up some pebbles and put them in his pocket, when he reached his destination, he would feel both sad and glad. He did as the stranger told him and rode on. Upon arriving at the next village, he took the pebbles from his pocket and to his astonishment found that they had turned into precious gems. He then knew what the stranger had meant. He felt sad that he had not picked up more pebbles, but glad that he picked up as many as he had.

    Draw circles representing pebbles on the chalkboard. Circle the words already on the chalkboard from your previous discussion, including independence, industry, thrift, and self-respect. As additional points are covered in the following discussion, write them in the open circles.

    * If this traveler were each of you at the end of your life, what might the pebbles symbolize to you? (Add answers to the chalkboard.)

    * What are some goals you want to achieve? What are some qualities and possessions you would like to acquire during your life? (Add answers to the chalkboard.)

    * How might you feel later in life if you do not take advantage of the opportunities to pick up all the “pebbles” you want?

6 per page, color.

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