Old Testament Mad Gab (Scripture Mastery) Game submitted by www.LeannaProsser.com

The object of the game is very simple. Each card has a set of unrelated words. When you read them aloud, they sound like familiar phrases, names, places . For example

“eye knome eye read dimmer leaves” Now say it a few times and take a good guess.

The answer is “I know my Redeemer lives”. Wasn’t that fun!?

The rules: Divide class into two teams. There are lots of ways to play but here are 2 options:
1. whichever team says the correct answer first (phrase and scripture reference) gets a point–or you could allow only one player at a time per team to guess.
2. First team has 30 seconds to answer as many as they can (1 point for each correct answer). Second team gets 15 seconds to answer and steal the unanswered cards

The team with the highest score wins!

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