Matthew 27 Questions

These are the questions I wrote for our quiz game in Matthew 27.

=== SCORING ===

Questions asked of everyone are worth 1 point.

Questions answered in the face-off round are worth 5 points.

Sometimes there are follow-up bonus questions also worth 5 points.

=== GAME PLAY ===

Students were grouped in 4 sets of 4 around each of four buzzers. I read the questions, and the first person to buzz in with the correct answer earned points for their team and wrote their points on the board. I started the next question while the last person was still at the board, so that the same people wouldn’t always get the answers. I let students answer at any time during my reading if they thought they could get the answer, but if they got it wrong, they couldn’t try again after hearing the complete question.

Any one can buzz in to answer a bonus question.

I have a student who will not comment unless called on, and so I added in a face-off round. Whenever we started a new category of questions, a representative from each zone came up to a small round table I had in front of me. I put a post it note in the center of the table. Students placed their finger tips on the table while I read the first question in each category. In order to win the right to answer in face-off, their palm had to cover the post it note first. Face-off question winners won 5 points for their teams.

The buzzers I got from really made this game fun, and we’ll do this style of game again.

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