Matthew 25 Questions

Here are the questions I used during class for our discussion of Matthew 25. I taped a set of questions on each seat in the class. I didn’t want the same students or groups of students sharing their thoughts, so I created several different sets of questions.

Here are the original 9 questions I used:

  • What do you think kept the 10 foolish virgins from being ready when the bridegroom came?
  • How can you be prepared like the 10 wise virgins?
  • What do you think the oil in the lamps represents?
  • Look at Matthew 25: 16,19-21. How can you be like the man with the 5 talents?
  • Look at Matthew 25:25. Why does fear stop us from progressing?
  • Look at Matthew 25:25. How can we conquer fear?
  • Matthew 25:40 is a scripture mastery passage. Why do you think it was chosen?
  • See Matthew 25:40. Who might be considered the “least of these” at your school? At church? How can you reach out to them?
  • Read Matthew 25:41-46. Why do you think Jesus spoke so harshly of those who mistreat others?

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