Loving Others Bears Coloring Sheets

Hi Jenny,
Here is a handout I just made for…
Primary 1, Lesson 34: I Can Love Others
Description:  A coloring page of two teddy bears hugging to demonstrate loving others.
Also included at the bottom of the page is quick a note to parents including ideas for activities (adapted directly from the lesson manual) to do at home and/or FHE.   These ideas include scripture stories, primary songs, and fun games.  They’re great activities to do in primary/nursery class and the note, written as if from the child, is a wonderful way to coordinate with parents as you help to reinforce the ideas they teach at home!
Clip Art from MormonShare.com  (topic related search for: hugs)  ;)
Font used:  Kristen ITC (a normal Microsoft Office Font)
Rachel L

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