Lorraine’s Mission Call Countdown List

Lorraine H shared these missionary documents that are in both Spanish and English.  It  includes a mission call countdown list of things to do before you leave:

Mission Call Countdown  List

 Mission Call comes
 Research mission at   http://www.ldsmissions.com/us/ or http://mission.net/
 Get more info. on the MTC http://www.mtc.byu.edu/
 Join http://ldsmissionarymoms.com/ & http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ldsmissionarymoms/
 Create a mission binder with sheet protectors & dividers
 Make a copy of Mission General Instructions, and put in binder
 Make 3 copies of mission call for missionary, and one for binder
 Join http://www.dearelder.com/ – Free daily letters MTC & website for Missionaries
 Send BYU student status deferment letter to BYU when you know MTC entrance date (if needed)
 Have college ward records transferred back to home ward (if needed)
 Go to Public Health Office for extra immunizations or get them at MTC
 Fill out Missionary Immunization form (make copies)
 Get missionary haircut
 Get passport & visa photos at Costco (if needed) – 2/$4.99
 Get passport (if needed) from local passport office – http://travel.state.gov/passport/get/first/first_832.html
 Fill out Visa form (if needed)
 Make appointment online with DMV http://www.dmv.org/ for license renewal, & get driving record printout
 Make appt. for Temple recommend interview with Bishop
 Make appt. for Temple recommend interview with Stake Pres.
 Prepare a list of names of those who might attend Temple with you
 Make appt. with Temple for endowments
 Contact bishop about farewell talk date and temple date
 Research large purchases such as digital camera, shoes, coat, luggage
 Plan purchases from http://www.mrmac.com/ and/or http://www.missionarymall.com or others
 Make local store purchases
 Go to luggage store or Walmart for luggage tags, airless bags, luggage straps, approved locks, etc.
 Get Financial Power of Attorney Form filled out & notarized/ Will
 Go to bank for parent to become joint member on checking account
 Attend Bishop’s interview
 Attend Stake President’s interview
 Notify family members of Temple date, and time
 Call temple to verify # of guests coming
 Order CTR Ring in country language (if needed)
 Get scriptures, missionary journal & mini hymnbook engraved with name
 When passport comes, make copies, mail to Travel dept. & mission president
 Make first mission payment to bishop (first day of month entering MTC)
 Purchase garments, temple clothes, baptismal clothes (online & 800 also available)
 Go to Temple for Endowments
 Give favorite scripture & picture to Bishop for plaque
 Reduce and laminate Patriarchal blessing & Priesthood line of authority for scriptures
 Make mailing labels with MTC address, and home address
 Make mini family photo album (laminated?)
 Get cash out for MTC
 Start packing/use packing list
 Travel to MTC

Rev. 11/’08


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