Levite Tabernacle Offerings Handout

Okay — the lesson for Leviticus 1 seemed pretty boring. Even really boring. And I just didn’t want to cover all that blood and such in class because I have a tendency to faint, so instead, I made this handout based on the chart in the Institute Manual pps 162-3 and the 5 points in the Seminary lesson manual.

To use this, each student will need one handout (Tabernacle Offering.pdf) and one set of cut outs (Tabernacle Offering Cut Outs.pdf)

The cut-outs are two sets per sheet, so take the number of students in your class and divide by two. Round up.

Print out one copy of the answer sheet for yourself.

When I taught this, my kids had already read the material (Leviticus 1, 3, 4:1-22), so I just introduced the topic and set them to cutting and pasting. While they worked — some even colored — I read to them from the Institute chart about each type of offering. If you don’t have your kids read certain material before class, you could use the scripture references found after the title of each type of offering and have them look up information. The points that match up with the points from the Seminary lesson manual are listed in parenthesis at the bottom of the corresponding sections.

This could be used in a senior Primary class or in Sunday School, too.

Here are the sources of the clipart images:
Ram – http://gymarx.com
BULL – http://emahlou.blogspot.com
GOAT – http://worldunderchrist.wordpress.com
TURTLEDOVE – http://etc.usf.edu/clipart/53000/53094/53094_turtle-dove.htm
BREAD – http://PrimaryClipart.com
MEAL – me (http://mormonshare.com/)

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