Itty Bitty Mormon City Scavenger Hunt Game – Pictures

Dawne A.’s “ward did this as part of a Young Women/Young Men Super Saturday and it was a blast! All of the items in the photos are found within walking distance of Temple Square in Salt Lake City. After explaining the rules we sent the kids off in groups (with leaders, of course) to find the items and write their location. We set a specific time for everyone to meet back at a designated spot where we compared notes to see who found the most or if anyone found them all.

“Please be aware that I tried to photograph items that will not change locations, however that does not necessarily mean that they won’t! As part of your planning you may want to take a trip downtown to verify that they are still located in the same places as I have listed.

“Give the groups the copies of the pictures, the answer sheet, and the rules with the map of the area. I gave the adult leader of each group a copy of the details of where each item is located in case they got stumped.

“Have fun and THINK SMALL!!!”

This would make a very fun FHE activity or a great game to play when your family or group visits Temple Square.

Click on “Temple Square” below to get the instructions page for this game.

**NOTE** This file is VERY large to download.

8 pages, 8.5 x 11 inches, black and white.

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