Indebted Handout Joy Card by Emily R

This is a handout I created for Young Women’s Manual 3, Lesson 28:
Law of Consecration and Sacrifice

I saw an example of this on the Mormonshare website, but I was only
allowed to click a link to see it.  When I clicked the link it said
the page was no longer available.  So I decided to take the idea
and make it myself.

The scripture at the begining and end of the lesson is Mosiah 2:34,
it talks about being eternally indebted to God.  After these are
printed front and back they will resemble credit cards.

I found the picture online somewhere but am not quite sure where.
I just did a google search and they tried to find one that fit
within the credit card shape the best. The font is an original for my computer, nothing fancy.

Thanks so much for all the time that is put into this website.  I
do not know what I would do without it.  There is so much info and
it is well organized making it easy to find things I need.  It is
by far my favorite church resource site and I tell everyone I know
about it.  I hope that this can be a useful contribution!

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