I am a Child of God Sacrament Meeting Presentation Worksheet – 2013


Here’s the I am a Child of God sacrament meeting presentation worksheet for 2013. This is a worksheet that allows leaders to let Primary children “write” the Sacrament Meeting Program themselves.  Each child/class is given a topic (see below) and invited to share his or her feelings about the topic, with some guidance by leaders and teachers.  A leader then types up the program and gives a copy to each leader and teacher.  Individual parts are given to parents of children to practice at home.   Those children giving “talks” may need more time or prefer to write their talks at home. HOW TO USE THIS WORKSHEET: Print out two copies of this document.  Cut one up and assign the scriptures, talks, and short speaking assignments out to the children in your Primary.  Add or remove topics as needed.  Some younger children may simply restate the topic, and that’s fine.  You may wish to assign older children the discussion-style questions.   The leader that came up with this method held 2 classes behind each Sunday after opening exercises for 10 minutes and let them work on their parts (reminding teachers in advance).  In that way, working on the program didn’t take time away from Sharing Time and was minimally intrusive on class time.  You can have the same child or an adult leader read all the scriptures. You might also have someone hold up a sign that has the monthly theme on it before each new section. This is the method shared with me by J. Larsen.  She provided a copy of her 2005 version, and I have adapted it for this year’s theme.  ~ Jenny Smith ****If you’d like to download and edit the file, use the RTF (will work in all word processing programs) or the ODT (Open Office) versions.

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