Have You Experienced This Mighty Change in your Hearts – devotional handout

I was asked to do a devotional for Golden Hour at YW girls’ camp. My topic was “Have You Experienced This Mighty Change in your Hearts”, as I recall. I used the video “Significant in Every Way” from the LDS Church’s New Era Videos You Tube Channel.

The camp leaders had asked us to send the girls home with something to remember the devotional with, so I went to my favorite dollar store, Dollar Tree, and found these 2 inch glass paperweights in the shape of hearts. I put them in some tulle bags I found in the wedding section of the dollar store along with a copy of the poem.

I also made a handout that included the poem itself for the girls to take home. You can download it here

And yes, that’s one of my (awesome) Young women stickers sealing the whole thing shut.

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