General Conference April 2013 Review Quiz

Here is the general conference review quiz I made during the conference sessions I was able to attend this April.  (There’s no first session questions due to a family emergency–sorry.)

People have used this quiz in the past for family home evening and Seminary reviews. 

Versions available below with and without answers.


Update: I caught a couple of errors when I gave the quiz today in Seminary.  Fixed them.  Also, a Twitter follower posted an online version of this General Conference quiz.

Second Session



1. Elder Scott said, “simple, consistent good _____ lead to bountiful blessings”.

    1. habits

    2. parents

    3. family home evenings

    4. nutrition

    2. Elder Scott said that we should be wise in how we use _____. He reminded us that when “used with discipline” it can be a protection from the worst of society.

      1. prayer

      2. priesthood

      3. onions

      4. technology

      3. Elder Scott taught that “One of the greatest blessings we can offer to the world is the power of a _______.”

      1. Christ-centered home

      2. really nice necktie

      3. powerful priesthood blessing

      4. effective missionary program

      4. Elder Ellis taught us that “We are not spiritual orphans. We are not ____.”

      1. alone

      2. tired

      3. bored

      4. awake

      5. “The Lord has taught us the need to promote ____.” Everywhere people have learned the evils of the dole, said Elder Ellis.

      1. love

      2. self-reliance

      3. family togetherness

      4. honesty

      6. Elder Ellis taught us that we should seek to go where we are needed, not try to find areas where they have the “best” ward.

      True or False


      7. Elder Bednar taught that love _____ through righteous restraint and _____ through impulsive indulgence.

      1. increases, decreases

      2. decreases, increases

      3. stays the same, dies

      4. dies, stays the same

      8. Elder Bednar taught that Satan desires for us to share in his misery by encouraging us to use our bodies improperly. He said that defiling the body is an act of _____.

      1. faith

      2. rebellion

      3. truth

      4. terror

      9. Elder Bednar spoke plainly about marriage during Conference. He taught that marriage between man and woman is the channel authorized by God through which spirits enter this world. Procreative powers must only be used between married men and women. He further emphasized that specific guidelines for the power to create life are an important part of the _____.

      1. plan of salvation

      2. history of the church

      3. political future of the United States

      4. desire of each person

      10. Elder Bednar reminded us that our relationships with other people … and ability to be obedient are _____ through our physical bodies.

      1. negated

      2. amplified

      11. Speaking on the natural man, Elder Bednar said that the natural man is alive in each of us to some degree. The natural man allows rude, animal passions to overcome spiritual inclinations. Elder Bednar said that the precise nature of the test of mortality is “Will I give in to the natural man .. or put him off?” This means that

      1. I can resist temptation because of my spiritual heritage from God.

      2. Giving in to passion is giving in to the natural man.

      3. One of the tests of mortality is learning to overcome passions by choosing obedience to God’s laws.

      4. all of the above

      5. none of the above

      12. Satan wants us to become miserable, alone in the dark, and without hope. He is relentless, said Elder Bednar. This means …

      1. Satan will not stop trying to make us miserable.

      2. Satan is very stupid.

      3. Satan will make you sin.

      4. all of the above

      5. none of the above

      13. Elder Nelson reminded us to _____, and become more active in missionary work.

      1. just do it

      2. raise the bar

      3. catch the wave

      4. buckle down

      Third Session

      14. Elder Uchtdorf told victims of abuse that they can leave darkness for light through Jesus Christ.

      True or False


      15. Elder Uchtdorf taught that spiritual light rarely comes to those who sit in the darkness. This means

      1. We should put a flashlight in our 72-hour kits.

      2. It is difficult to receive revelation and peace if you are choosing to turn from the light by sinning.

      3. Young people have better eyesight than older people.

      4. Spiritual light is not very important.

      16. Sister Wixom (wife of former DC South mission President Wixom) asked us to ___ from technology and ___ with each other.

      1. buy more, enjoy time

      2. disconnect, reconnect

      3. reconnect, disconnect

      4. learn, read the scriptures online

      17. We were warned at conference to keep social media use fully worthy in every way and permit ourselves no ____.

      1. secret internet use

      2. online gaming

      3. tweeting

      4. emailing relatives

      18. Elder Perry taught that the main effect of weakening of ____ is the weakening of families.

      1. Scouting

      2. priesthood

      3. faith

      4. marriage

      19. Elder Perry also taught that victory in the war in heaven was a victory for ____.

      1. agency

      2. Satan

      3. no one

      4. Jesus Christ

      20. President Monson told a story from his youth when he learned the value of obedience. This story involved ___.

      1. a chocolate bar

      2. fast offering

      3. matches and fire

      4. an elderly woman and a canary

      21. Elder Monson says there is no need for you and me to sail uncharted seas. A loving Heavenly Father has charted our course. We must _____.

      1. stay awake at Seminary

      2. be obedient

      3. become good sailors

      4. become excellent missionaries

      Fourth Session

      22. Sometimes we act as if a declaration of doubt is [better] than a declaration of ___. Elder Holland reminded us to fan the flame of our ___ by speaking the truth about the things we do believe and know.

      1. hope

      2. faith

      3. desire

      4. tithing

      23. In this world, said Elder Holland, everyone is to walk by ___, so be kind regarding human frailty — your own and your leaders’.

      1. hope

      2. faith

      3. desire

      4. tithing

      24. Who has taught Elder Holland more than any other prophet has during a lifetime of seeking?

      1. Thomas Monson

      2. Gordon Hinckley

      3. Wilford Woodruff

      4. Joseph Smith

      25. Elder Oaks taught that we are Christians because we follow Christ’s teachings found in the New Testament. Name at least one of the things we do that show we are Christian:


      26. Jesus’ teachings were not to be considered ____, said Elder Oaks.

      1. theoretical

      2. truthful

      3. seriously

      4. applicable to today’s needs

      27. Elder Golden reminded us that at the heart of the gospel is a correct understanding of ___.

      1. funeral potatoes

      2. the Father and the Son

      3. honesty

      4. family home evening

      28. Elder Falabella says that that greatest school we will have in life is ____.

      1. BYU

      2. Virginia Tech

      3. Mississippi State

      4. the home

      29. Elder Kopischke says having the ____ with us is the best indicator of our acceptance of the Lord.

      1. Holy Ghost

      2. force

      3. missionaries

      4. scriptures

      30. Elder Porter reminded us we need not fear the perilous times to come, because the church is a bulwark of safety for members.


        True or False?


        31. Elder Christofferson reminded members that redemption from spiritual and physical death is ____ .

        1. universal and without condition

        2. only for members of the true church

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