Garrisonville Ward Young Women Newsletter

I was astonished when I walked past a church bulletin board and saw this newsletter.

So I stole one to show you … :)

This newsletter was printed front and back, and the part you see on top in the image was the outside. The paper was folded in half the short way to make a little booklet with the calendar (shown on bottom) in the inside.

This newsletter has some interesting features I haven’t seen before in a YW newsletter. The front has the ward name, date, YW logo and mutual theme at the top. Underneath that is a message from the YW presidency, and a table of upcoming events leading into the following month.

Inside is a cute calendar with activities described and a scripture theme for the month. At the top left is a spot for Pianist and Chorister, which I guess changes monthly in that ward — what a luxury!

On the back page is a section for each class: Beehives, Laurels, and Mia Maids where they can put messages to their class. The Beehive one is apparently a thank you to a recently released advisor.

There’s also space for a little blurb about the upcoming activity on nutrition.

Um — wow. I suddenly feel like an underachiever! Great job on this, who ever you are!!!

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