Forgiving Ourselves Handout


I try to create my handouts as a 3×5 so I can print them four up on a page and the YW can keep them in a photo sleeve book for future reference.

For lesson 27, I also let each YW choose a small rock to take with her handout.

Thank you for your wonderful website. I hope that these will be useful to others.

I just realized my file for lesson 27 was over 7 MB! I just down sampled the photo to 200 dpi at size and I am resending the same handout but at a much more manageable size. Please delete the one I sent you previously. If you didn’t get my previous email (due to the large attachment) please contact me and I will also re-send the lesson 26 handout that was attached as well.

Thank You,

Melanee O
YW Counselor
Waseca, MN

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