February Newsletter Template – EDITABLE

This template is a little teensy bit late, but it’ll be ready for next year, I guess. You can take either the JPG version of this file to edit in your own software, or you can edit this PDF file right within your browser if you download the PDF.

These files were created using Photoshop, Scribus, and the free graphics from Summer Drigg’s Summertime Designs website.  First I created a scrapbook page in Photoshop, flattened it, imported the image as a background into Scribus, and used the PDF form tools in Scribus to make this form editable.  Scribus is free, and not terribly difficult to use.  I’d suggest that if you have some computer skill you might consider learning to make these editable PDFs to share.  They’re great!

Now, before you ask, some of you have Photoshop and would like the PSD version of this background image to edit to your own needs.  I can’t provide that to you because doing so would violate the terms of use on Summer’s designs.  However, you are welcome to go to Summer’s website and download the original files yourself and create your own designs.

If this file is something you’re likely to use, please comment on this post so that I know it’s helpful.  I am not a scrapper, so these type of files are a labor of love :)

Happy Valentines Day!

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