Eternal Perspective Candy Wrapper

Trudy says:

    I started this lesson with by giving the girls dark chocolate, then semi-sweet chocolate, then some really good milk chocolate… we compared the 3 to How Heavenly Fathers perspective was the best (the milk chocolate) (i did get this idea from another site and I don’t have time to find the exact link right … it was either, or

    (She’s probably talking about this object lesson — Jenny)

    So I have two handouts for this lesson one is the round one of Heavenly Fathers perspective, with several different faces of girls on them, so use the ones that represent your girls the best. and the second handout is a candybar wrapper…. just resize it to anysize candy bar you use… I used a the mini hershey bars… then ones that come in a a pacakage of 4 kinds.

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