Embark in the Service of God – Boat Logo

2015 mutual theme - embark in the service of god

I try to make a logo for the mutual theme every year, and this came to me the other day for the 2015 mutual theme, Embark in the Service of God from D&C 4:2.  After a few sketches to design, I still love it.  It’s better than the Church’s logo, and it’s perfect for a youth conference t-shirt, camp flag, or even an invite to New Beginnings. As always, you’re welcome to use this logo on items you will not sell for profit.  Please don’t steal my work and pretend it’s yours or repackage it.

I’ve also included a version without the year in case you use this as a theme for another event.  Normally I don’t include the year on my logos, so I’m trying a new thing this year….

Print a copy of the following release to your print shop if you’re going to use it to have something professionally printed: “I give my permission so you can use this logo, “Embark in the Service of God  – boat logo” from MormonShare.com by Jenny Smith on any item that you will not sell for profit.”

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