Doctrine and Covenants Scripture Mastery Poster – Pioneer Themed

This D&C Scripture Mastery poster is based on the way that I started tracking scripture mastery last year. I found it was easier for me to track SM by scripture reference instead of student, because I could glance at the poster and see immediately which SM passages everyone had passed off and which ones no one had worked on. I had a similar BoM version of this poster printed at Staples for around $4 at 3×4 feet.

This D&C version has a nifty feature in that the longer SM passages are represented with a covered wagon, and the shorter passages are represented with a handcart. Fonts are Giddy Up and Rosewood, for those interested. I own the copyright on these illustrations — drew them years ago.

The way this works is students sign their names on the cart/wagon when they pass off the SM passage. The teacher can tell by looking for blank carts/wagons which passages most or students still need to pass off.  You could print off a version for each student to track their own progress, but I have one giant poster posted in the classroom that students sign. Doing it this way eliminates the “competition” aspect of SM, where students are comparing how full the death star or thermometer or whatever you’re filling in is.

If you need a release to have this document printed here it is: You have my permission, Jenny Smith, the copyright holder, to print this scripture mastery poster for non-profit purposes. Print this release and bring it with you to your printer.


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