Doctrinal Mastery Basic Doctrines Poster Set – Retro Boy

The set of posters contains the new Doctrinal Mastery passages grouped into category according to Basic Doctrine.  Retro Boy style

Includes both 11×17 and 8.5×11 inch sizes

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  1. Linda Vail

    is it possible to coordinate your colors with the colors we have established for group? look at Jillian Farnsworth and Melissa Oldfield. Thank You

    1. Sisi Aguilar

      You have done a wonderful job with this! Wow! I was also wondering the same thing as Linda V. Do you think it could be possible to change the colors? ASK: grey; Godhead: purple; Plan of S.: light blue; Atonement: red; Restoration: green; Prophets: brown; Priesthood: yellow; Ordinances: orange; Marriage: pink; and Commandments: royal blue/blue. Thank you for all you do!

  2. Penny Abshire

    These are just wonderful! Thank you so much for your obvious hard work and attention to detail!

  3. Julie Porter

    These are awesome. Do you have a plan for the “ASK” Acquiring Spiritual Knowledge set of scriptures?

  4. Sina Manua

    I love the posters, you’re so talented. Is it possible to get them done in the colours mentioned above including “A.S.K” I am willing to pay for them. I think they’re awesome. Thank you for sharing your talents.


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