D&C 58:42 memorization chart

Good Morning,
I just created the following flip chart to be used with Lesson 10, “Jesus Made Repentance Possible” from the Family Home Evening Resource Book.  It is a memorization chart for the scripture D&C 58:42.  It begins with all of the words being shown on the paper, and as you flip to each of the subsequent pages, a couple of the words are taken away.  The final page shows only spaces for each word in the scripture, and by the time you get to it, your family will have the whole thing memorized!

I hope this will be useful to someone.  I have also seen the same idea done with word strips, and each time one of the strips is removed from the poster.  This is the same thing, but in electronic format I guess. It did take about twenty minutes to create, so having it all ready to print out may save someone some time!

I used the Comic Sans MS font size 36.

My name is Joy and my family attends the Westbank 1st Branch in New Orleans, LA.

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