Cubs Matchbox Cover

This black and white image, Cubs Matchbox Cover, was donated by the artist, Chris Gunn. Click to read more about Chris.

Matchbook- Photocopy match sticks on card stock. We suggest using the set of partial matches as the top layer with additional layers of complete rows underneath. Matches could be cut or left together. The matchbook cover should be folded at the small designated marks, much like an actual matchbook with the graphics on the outside. Insert bottom portion of matches stacked together. Matchbook is now stapled once or twice (be sure to leave room for the cover to slip under.) One Idea for Cub Scouts would be to give the matchbook as a gift. Individual matches could be labeled with acts of love to be redeemed as the matches are “torn off.” Matchbooks could also be used as invitations, goal completion, handouts, or camping ideas. A possible theme might be “Cub Scouts & You – The Perfect Match”.

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