Choice and Accountability Game — Game of “Light”

Monica S submitted this game to teach Young Women about their choices relating to the standards found in For the Strength of Youth. She says:

    I made a Choice and Accountability game where the girls have to tell how they would react in a real-life situation that has to do with the youth standards from For the Strength of Youth. I think most of the situations are up-to-date and they can actually relate to them.

    To go with the 2006 mutual theme, )”Arise and Shine
    Forth”), I called it “The Game of LIGHT” and made a
    sign that looks like the logo of The Game of LIFE. I
    used the spinner from LIFE.

    The girls divided into teams and one volunteer at a
    time from each team came up to the front and spun the
    spinner to see how many points she could earn if she
    had a satisfactory answer to the question she would
    choose. I had all the questions printed out on cards
    and she would choose one out of my hand, read it out
    loud and tell her answer, with help from her team if
    she wanted. If she gave an answer that did not show
    she was committed to the standards it was turned over
    to the adult leader judge who awarded her partial or
    no points.

    I had them win points as stars on the chalkboard and
    at the end the team with the most stars had the most
    “light” to share, and they won the privilege of
    serving star-shaped sugar cookies to the other teams
    and then having some for themselves.

    Even though it wasn’t a super fun lighthearted
    activity, the girls all seemed to be into it and it
    brought up some discussions among them about living
    the standards. Some of the girls learned something
    they didn’t even know was one of our standards.

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