BYC Agenda and Minutes

I created this BYC agenda and minutes to help our ward get on track during meetings. It is based on the instructions found in the Church Handbook of Instructions:

Bishopric Youth Committee Meeting

The bishop presides over the bishopric youth committee. This committee is composed of the bishopric, one of the bishop’s priests quorum assistants, the teachers and deacons quorum presidents, the Young Women class presidents, and the Young Men and Young Women presidents.

The bishopric may invite others to attend the committee’s meetings as needed. These may include the other priests quorum assistant, counselors in quorum and class presidencies, quorum and class secretaries, counselors in the Young Men and Young Women presidencies, and Young Men and Young Women secretaries.

The committee usually meets monthly. The bishop may conduct this meeting, or he may assign one of his counselors, one of his priests quorum assistants, or the Laurel class president to conduct it. Before each meeting, the bishop reviews and approves the agenda with the person who will be conducting. The agenda may include the following items:

1.Identify needs and interests of individual youth in the ward. Plan ways to help meet those needs. Plan ways to help youth live and promote Church standards.

2.Plan ways to encourage individual youth to participate in Church meetings and activities, including seminary. Plan and report on fellowshipping efforts for youth who are less active, youth who recently have been baptized, and youth who are investigating the Church.

3.Schedule and plan youth activities that are consistent with the needs that have been identified. These activities include combined Aaronic Priesthood–Young Women activities and ward youth conferences. Adult leaders should include youth as much as possible in planning and carrying out these activities.

4.Evaluate past activities to see if the intended purposes were fulfilled.

These committee meetings should provide leadership opportunities and instruction for youth.

Each class or quorum president gives a quick report  while an acting secretary takes down the names or information to populate the rest of the discussion form.  The the group discusses each of the names or activity ideas on the list.  The person acting as secretary takes minutes that will be used to populate the agenda at the next meeting, as shown in the sample.

I’ve included a sample BYC agenda with minutes and blank templates for you to edit as needed.

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