Book of Mormon Seminary Reading Chart / Pacing Guide

This is the reading chart I use for assigning daily reading to my Seminary students.  I usually put Flex Days with no reading assignment on Thursday so that students don’t have to read after mutual on Wednesday night.

Students come to class having read the assignment for the day, so for example, they read the assignment listed for Monday on Sunday evening.  If students miss a day, I ask them to skip it and stay with the group.  They can go back and make up a missed reading any time.  If we have a snow day, I just skip that lesson (or most of it), but they are expected to read. I tell students that no reading should take longer than 20 minutes, and that they can set a timer — if it goes off and they are still reading: stop. 

Using assigned reading has resulted in a 97% and 96% reading average for our class over the past two years.  Last year nine students of sixteen read the entire New Testament.  The spread was 80%-100%.

I also input the calendar at Google Calendar so that students can download and sync it to their iPods or other devices.  You can download it here, and make it your own:

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