Book of Mormon Character Study Worksheets

This idea is based on one shared at LDS Seminary Teacher Group by Lindsey M.  Here’s what people say about it:

Here’s an idea for recapping 1 Nephi. I did something similar last year in NT with Paul, and the students said it was one of their favorite activities! – Lindsay M


You know if you did this for each book at the end of the year you could turn it into a Family Feud type … Name the top 3 words used to describe Nephi; survey says…. save the students answers – tally the results – fun times – Amy G


Ps–we have a section in their journals called “power scriptures” where they record scriptures that give them strength. The idea is that by the end of the year they will have a long list of scriptures they can read one by one when they have a bad day on their mission, at school, etc. The handout above asks them to find a “power scripture” from Nephi.  – Lindsey M

I created worksheets for several other people in the Book of Mormon.  If you need a handout made for an individual who isn’t listed here, post below and I’ll add it.

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