Backpack Invitation

This black and white image, Backpack, was donated by the artist, Chris Gunn. Click to read more about Chris.

Back Pack – For an invitation, the back pack needs to be photocopied and cut out. With an exacto knife carefully cut out around the flap zipper, cutting through the straps for a continuous line. Fold in half and glue around edges. Place information on or under the inside of flap. The small graphics, (canteen, knife, compass, sleeping bag, lunch, flashlight, rope) fit Inside the finished pack. These could be labeled with information for an activity. Another suggestion is to challenge boys to earn the pack and its contents by passing off certain requirements, for a goal, attendance, dues, uniforms, or as incentive for other troop or pack
actlvlties.We have included (on p. 22) the words Troop, Pack,

Den and numbers 0-9 for you to personalize the pack if desired. The pack could be used as a visual aid emphasizing preparedness for a hike. Enlarged, this pack would be an eye-catching focal point for a large group.

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