Articles of Faith Flashcards

I had someone give me the suggestion the other day to make some simple flashcards to help children memorize the Articles of Faith.I thought it was such a cute idea and thought I would share what I came up with! I made a front and back for each Article of Faith flashcard, On one side, it shows the actual Article of Faith. On the other side, it shows a picture and a word associated with the Article of Faith (to be used as a reminder as the child is learning and practicing).  My thought was that both sides could be printed and glued together. You could either keep the flashcards separate or you could punch a hole in the corner of the flashcards and put them on a small ring (you could even laminate the cards to make them more durable for little hands). I personally like  the idea of putting them on a ring because it will help keep the cards together. Also, below is a front cover and back cover if you decide to put them on a ring!  You can find a free download for the flashcards here

Free Instant Download

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