Alma 43-63: Why So Much War?

This great talk was shared by a teacher on our Seminary teachers facebook group.  It’s based on a paper that is at  She made a handout, but I wanted more of the text of the paper instead of a worksheet, and made my own.

I like the thrust of the text of this talk, which is basically directed at some themes that are found in the war chapters that we can apply in our daily battles with evil.  In other words, it helps to answer the question, “Why is there so much war in the Book of Mormon?”

I used this to help cover some of the war chapters more quickly because we have missed so many days due to snow.

This is one sheet, one sided.  I used the graphics from the website for the charts instead of re-typing because … well, because teaching Seminary is not all I do. It’s a little hard to read but acceptable.

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