All I need to know I learned from Seminary – Shield Style

This version of the All I need to know I learned from Seminary poster is in the shape of a shield (or sort of like a shield), more like the original. Click on “All I need to Know” in the tags to see all these posters.

Put on the full armor of God   Cease to sleep longer than is needful   Men are that they might have joy   Wickedness never was happiness   No one can serve two masters   Choose the right   Learn wisdom in thy youth   Feed Christ’s sheep   Faith is not a perfect knowledge   Where much is given, much is required   Where your treasure is, there your heart is  Run and not be weary   Watch your thoughts, words, and deeds   Feast upon the words of Christ   Pray always  Keep the commandments   Cease to be idle  You reap what you sow   Go no more after the lusts of your eyes  Let your light so shine   Serve God by serving others   Be not ashamed of the gospel of Christ   The worth of a soul is great   Faith without works is dead   Learn in thy youth to keep the commandments of God   Christ is the way, the truth, and the light   Love one another   Hold to the rod  The Lord looketh on the heart  If you lack wisdom, ask God   If a man do His will, he shall know the doctrine  By grace we are saved  A witness comes after the trial of faith   Jesus Christ lives and loves me

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