Acts 21-24 Time Line Word Strips

Last week we were doing housekeeping things during class and did not get to cover the stories that students were reading in as much depth as I would prefer.  I used this method I named Silent Time Line Sorting Game to quickly cover 4 chapters students had read before class, as an introduction to the next chapters in Acts.

This was a fun, useful game, and it was QUIET!  I find myself so relieved when we are able to play a game quietly.  Phew.  Those kids can get overwhelming.

I allowed texting, but you might not want to.

This was a good activity for keeping everyone involved, and we were able to summarize a lot material very quickly.  You could do this activty with the Plan of Salvation, the Nephite Cycle, or any number of things.  Find out how to play the game in more detail at the game description in the Teaching Techniques section.

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