Acquiring Spiritual Knowledge Poster – Retro Boy Color

Based on the new Seminary Doctrinal Mastery, here is a retro-style poster with information from the Doctrinal Mastery Core Doctrines booklet.

Full color.

Available in A4, 11×17 inch, or 8.5×11 inch sizes.


Want 16×20 size?  You can get 16×20 downloads here.

Don’t want the insignia on your poster? Download these files without the MormonShare logo here.

Want Hi Res JPGs?  Available here.

Need Black and White for photocopying?  Here.


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5 thoughts on “Acquiring Spiritual Knowledge Poster – Retro Boy Color

  1. Is there anyway you can color code them like some of the others did so we can get little dots to match? See Jillian Farnsworth.

  2. Is this just a download only? Is there any way to order it printed already?

  3. Hi jenny, Love the poster! Do you make it in a smaller size? I was hoping to print them small enough to put them on the inside cover of their journals. Is that possible? It would need to be smaller than a standard size ring binder notebook…less than the 8.5 x 11?
    Thank you!

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