A Royal Generation

This handout was made by another leader to accompany Young Women’s Manual 1, Lesson 29: The Second Coming. This leader glued little jewels on the crown as embellishments.

You can download a similar crown clipart image I created here.

This is the text:

    “My dear friends, you are a royal generation. You were preserved to come to the earth in this time for a special purpose. Not just a few of you, but all of you. There are things for each of you to do that no one else can do as well as you. … If you will let Him, I testify that our Father in Heaven will walk with you through the journey of life and inspire you to know your special purpose here” (H. Burke Peterson, “Your Life Has a Purpose,” New Era, May 1979, p. 5).

    Learning the Lord’s Will Can Give Direction To Our Lives

    Personal Prayer
    Study and Meditation
    Gift of the Holy Ghost
    Priesthood Blessings
    Patriarchal Blessings

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