A Gospel Sharing Home – Mission Goals activity

Use this as a family home evening lesson on missionary work, a Primary lesson supplement, or as a missionary presentation to members encouraging them to do missionary work

1. Paste these images on heavy paper.

2. Cut out the home and the five windows.

3. Glue each window in the window outlines on the gospel-sharing home.

4. With your family, talk about the ideas on the home. Decide together what you can do to be missionaries now.

5. Place the gospel-sharing home where your family can see it.

* Pray for missionary opportunities.
* Invite your friends to Church activities.
* Be a good example.
* Share the gospel with others.
* Be friendly.

Source: Linda Christensen, “I Can Be a Missionary Now,” Friend, Jul 2008, 10–12
Illustrator: Thomas S. Child
(may be reproduced)

Copyright 2008 Intellectual Reserve. Used by permission

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