Jesus Christ Family History Skit

Shared by Kristina M:

“We did an activity focused on Family History, but we decided to do it with a twist.  The kids practiced and then acted out the “Family History Tree of Jesus.”  It was fun for the kids to learn stories from the Old and New Testament – but to make the connection that all those stories have to do with Jesus’ Family Tree made an impact. It was both fun and spiritual!

“I went through and made skits, complete with parts for kids to read.  Sumbeams etc had easier or none speaking parts.

‘Anyways, there are 8 or more skits (we have a large primary)  and they were taken from the scriptures, so there isn’t really “hollywood” in them.  We simply brought props for the skits and had teachers head them up.

“This could be a very easy activity (since you don’t have to write the scripts!)  There is even a letter we sent out to the teachers 0 you will need to change names or phone numbers. “

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