2013 Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery Posters - 8.5x11

2013 Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery Posters include the reference, rhyme, and keywords. The book and chapter go with the rhyme written in black lettering (i.e. Alma 32 - Faith in things true), and the key words are in the cursive gray lettering. (this file includes 12 of the 25 scriptures)

Part two located here: http://www.mormonshare.com/lds-clipart/2013-book-of-mormon-scripture-mas...

Part three located here: http://www.mormonshare.com/lds-clipart/2013-book-of-mormon-scripture-mas...

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8.5 x 11 inches (US letter)

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12 pages

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1 handout per page
Alma 32.jpg2.02 MB
Alma 37.jpg1.95 MB
Alma 39.jpg1.28 MB
Alma 41.jpg1.54 MB
Ether 12-6.jpg1.52 MB
Ether 12-27.jpg1.15 MB
Helaman 5.jpg1.95 MB
Moroni 7-41.jpg1.48 MB
Moroni 7-45.jpg1.63 MB
Moroni 10.jpg1.61 MB
Mosiah 2.jpg1.78 MB
Mosiah 3.jpg2.01 MB


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Bonnie Wiseman's picture

Wow! These are beautiful and

Wow! These are beautiful and thoughtful scripture mastery pictures!!! It says they are 8.5x11 but mine are only printing out at about 40%. They are a nice size for activities but I'd love to have them 8.5x11. Is there another way I can get the files? Also , have you considered offering them in a 1 page format with and without the reference so we can give them to the kids to use as small decks of cards? Thank you for putting so much effort and thought into each one:-)

Bonnie Wiseman

Seminary teacher